It’s a terrifying feeling to realize you would probably be a better President than the current one.

When you feel in your bones that you understand the world better, understand history greater, and comprehend our future’s enormous opportunities with more clarity and vigor than the actual President of the United States? That is true concern. That is a world upside-down.

Some will say this is pure egoism…the boastful ravings of a delusional nobody, angry at the results of an election.

Label me as you will, but here’s my honest belief: I know dozens, possibly hundreds of people right here in Portland, Oregon that would bring more compassion, insight, intelligence, decency, and yes…patriotism to the Oval Office than Donald Trump.

Think about your circle of friends. Pick five right now that you respect. Don’t you think (if required) they could maneuver and carry out the responsibilities of the Presidency better than what we’ve seen for the past three weeks? I’m not saying they would not proceed to shit their pants. I’m simply saying they would probably not shit the bed.

Donald Trump is shitting the bed.

I never thought I would feel this way. Growing up, I viewed the Presidency as a pinnacle of human excellence; achievable only by the most intelligent and accomplished individuals. Well…except for Reagan of course. That should have been the warning, I now realize. The allure of a charismatic leader, distracting the electorate from the intrinsic shortcomings of that candidate…twisting a nation’s consciousness away from its values in the glow of showmanship.

We should have expected this after George W. Bush. He was ignorant about the world, incurious, verbally limited, ideologically calcified and unable to competently govern or navigate crisis.

However, even as Bush led us from one failure to another…never did I say “Wow. I think that I, an average citizen with zero governing experience could do better than THAT.” It never even crossed my mind.

But with Trump? It is worse beyond any modern precedent. In every aspect of his personality, his mind, his ethics, his character, his very soul…he is truly the Worst of Who We Are. He is the Worst of America.


Are these not the core traits of Donald Trump? They are to me, at least. Which leads me back to the existential realization:

If even you and I can do better than him, certainly America can do better.

Keep resisting, my friends. We will prevail.

But on this particular night it is a terrible feeling to know our military, our foreign policy, our national voice, our very soul is in the hands of someone truly beneath you and me. I never thought I would have so much to teach a 70-year-old man.

Especially the President of the United States.

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