What do Trump voters think about today?

As their Glorious Leader’s administration is crumbling in record time, I like to check out the Donald Trump subreddit and see how they are spinning this.

The top story currently is about Subway partnering with Michelle Obama to try to make kids eat healthier in 2014. Because somehow that’s the same thing as Conway shilling for Ivanka’s clothing line. Again…that’s the TOP story on the subreddit.

As far as now-disgraced NSA adviser Michael Flynn, the Trump supporters apparently think (I shit you not) that Barack Obama is living just two miles from the White House so he can engage in a “soft coup” to regain power…and that the leaks about Flynn all go back to him. They are not concerned with any hint of treason or collusion with a foreign power. They (like Donald) are furious about the leaks themselves, not the corruption they have revealed.

These are the people I’m supposed to be “reaching out” to? These are the people that I’m supposed to find middle ground with?

I truly thought the Internet was going to set us all free. It might, eventually. But at the moment it seems more like turning on all the lights in a frat house at 4am. We are seeing the vomit, the spilled Four Loko, the little baggies of date-rape drugs, and various passed-out dudes lying in their own pee. America ain’t too pretty, huh?

Look..I went to a party school: University of Georgia. I know how to clean up after a raging party. Talking to people that no longer recognize reality? Only they can clean up that mess…we’re just hostages while they fumble in the dark for their own light switch. Hang in there America…it’s going to get rough.