So where to begin? Posting a blog isn't something I have ever done before so I figure I may as well begin with an explanation of who I am.

My name is Carl St James and I am a technical writer from Orlando, Florida. My technical writing career began when I was in highschool with a passion for cars. I have come a long way from being that simple forum user who wanted to post new guides and information whenever possible.

These days I have left the automotive community for the most part while focusing on school and technology. I love mobile technology such as phones, tablets, and am quite interested in computers as well.

Even since my first days of writing on Project Lancer, I always knew that my writing and the documents I produce need to be the best they possibly could be. Not only were new forum members relying upon me but so were many of my friends and others who came to the site looking for information. Although I was never paid for what I did and I never received a moderator position on the site, I still took great pride in the work I created simply because I always felt that my writing is who I am.

What I put out into this world is a direct reflection of the person I am. So this is the beginning of me trying to catalog my writings, my thoughts, and my general ideas. A place for me to write freely.

So a new beginning of sorts.