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One of the things I love the most about this show is how it has the balls to ask the questions and just allow them to be questions. You guys say on a semi regular basis that answers are boring and I think this show is the greatest proof of that. Why give an answer when another question could let you dig a little deeper into what the real core of this story is.

There’s an obvious end point to this story, with Naz ending up catching the full brunt of the punishment, but it seems like the show is going to insist on stringing us along on a strand of hope that really shouldn’t be there. The little side investigations are too sparse, the evidence too strong for us to really have any other reason expect a different outcome. Yet there’s that hope that stays with us. It’s like Making a Murderer or Serial all over again, where we already know the outcome, but for some damned reason, we hope it will turn out differently.

Great piece Chris