Are you my business Pumbaa?

My dream is to find a big hearted entrepreneur to become my co-founder and “Pumbaa” in the search of great opportunities and cool future projects. If you are not familiar with Pumbaa, he is the best friend of Timon and Simba in the Disney Classic “The Lion King”. Probably the most loyal and devoted partner there ever was.

I have been an entrepreneur now for 8 years. I have been starting many projects in different areas and team constellations. What it all came down to in the end was the lack of a strong co-founder. For a startup to work, in my opinion, it needs locomotives. Forces of joy and curiousness that just keep going regardless of the challenges ahead. No need to be brave cause there is nothing to fear-kind of mentality.

Who am i?

The farm my family wanted me to run one day.

I grew up on a farm outside Norrkoping, a city 160 kilometres South of Stockholm. For 18 years i was surrounded by great fields of wheat, horses and hay jumping during the summers. On the farm, far from my friends and school i grew a passion for communication and creativity. I could sit for hours drawing, record my own radio shows or pretend to be a tv-host.
You can probably imagine that i was not a perfect fit for running my family’s farm.

After school I worked on newspapers, running errands for advertising bureaus and I was slowly working myself towards my dream, working with design in the advertising business. I moved to Stockholm in 2005 to study graphical design, a two year diploma program at Berghs School of Communication. The school was again this year awarded “the world’s greatest communication school” in Canne.

My first job in the advertising business as a designer. Food & Friends.
The product consisted of a storybook, a toy and a dosing spoon.

After graduation I reached my childhood dream. I worked with big brands in the advertising business. But I was not happy. I did not feel any inspiration. I decided to become an entrepreneur and I started my first company Snorisar. I created a product for kids. A storybook that in combination with a toy would facilitate the taking of medication for 80% of all children between 2–5 years old.

A family made happy with my product.

The product was selling in pharmacies all across Sweden with plans of expansion to Germany and UK. I had great visions but I did not have a co-founder and a lack of capital. I decided to move on with all the insights that came with the decision to do something else.

Since then I have started several projects. Among them, one project where I designed merchandise for Australia’s biggest hotel chain, and another is, a sharing economy startup that makes it easier for people to trade favours with each other with time as a currency. A modern global time banking platform online.

Who are you?

• You long for a great entrepreneurial journey, great learnings and friendship.
• You are an entrepreneur, a decathlete who are comfortable in all disciplines regarding a startup.
• You are a person that values relations over money.
• You enjoy being you.
• You believe the journey is the goal.
• You see every challenging situation as empowering.
• You are positive.
• You want to spend money on cool projects making the world a better place rather than buying excess luxury items for yourself.
• You don’t look down on people.

What can you expect from me?

You can expect me work hard both with the wind on our backs and in heavy rain. I will challenge you, send you home when you are sick, push the business when you need to get some sleep, and let you hold and kiss the winning trophy first. Even wish you the best of luck if you one day decide to move on to other opportunities.

I imagine us “business dating”, we try to accomplish a small task with a 10 hour investment each. The goal is to finish something, look back and evaluate if we wanna start something bigger together.

Studies show that the team is the second most important factor for startup success. Team is even more important than the idea and financing. Now is a perfect time in my life for really pushing a startup. I need my Pumbaa.

If you are my Pumbaa? Send me a hello at

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