Propagandists Have Been Using Dishonest Manipulations To Kill The Seth Rich Story
Caitlin Johnstone

Good stuff as always. Thanks for the clarification on the Fox5 report vs the Fox News report. I, like many, thought they were one and the same. I didn’t lend much credibility to the PI, so knowing his role in the Fox News report is minimal is helpful in discerning what’s going on. Getting past my own bias against Fox is another hurdle I’m working to clear.

I’ve long considered the circumstances surrounding Seth’s death suspicious. The official explanation has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese. Was he murdered because of his possible role in airing the DNC’s dirty laundry to WikiLeaks? I don’t know. But the official story doesn’t sound plausible to me. Sadly, I doubt we’ll ever know what really happened. Too many powerful people have too much at stake to let that happen.

I don’t know what to think about the whole Trump/Russia thing either. As you and others have pointed out, there really is no hard evidence at this point connecting the two. Lots of hearsay and anonymously sourced reports, but no real smoking gun. One thing I do know is that my complete disgust with Trump colors my opinions on anything I see and hear relating to him. I have to remember that the powers that be also know this and are using that disgust to their full advantage. I have no doubt I’m being manipulated, and I don’t like that one bit. I’m glad you and others are there to help navigate those waters.

So anyway, thanks for the clarification on these latest reports, and keep doing what you do. Cheers!

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