Trump freed me

After the initial feelings of despair at the degradation of the human condition signaled by clownboy’s motivation of enough people to vote for him to “win” the US presidential (henceforth known as the pestilential) election I’ve slowly come to the realization that my feelings have changed.

I now feel free in ways that I’ve never dared dream about before.

I’m free to be as horrible as the mood strikes me.

I’m free to grab women by the pussy.

I’m free to demonize anyone who doesn’t genuflect before me.

I’m free to collaborate in espionage with my longest, bitterest foe against my own government without fear of being tried for treason. Even better, I’ll get rewarded for it.

I’m free to commit financial fraud, to lie about my financial resources in order to take on huge debts for projects I’m not qualified for.

I’m free to run those projects into the ground.

I’m free to reward myself handsomely for doing so.

I’m free to declare bankruptcy, leaving others to lose the money I’ve stolen.

I’m free to refuse to pay the people who’ve contracted with me and done the work contracted for.

I’m free to advocate violence against my opponents. By, you know, those second amendment people.

I’m free of the worry that advocating violence will get me arrested and charged with the crime it is.

I’m free to use whatever office I can obtain to enrich myself at the public trough, with no thought to the betterment of those who elected me to office.

I’m free to antagonize anyone, anytime, anywhere, without worrying about personal cost. Because it’s always other people who pay.

I’m free to ruin the world through my avarice and ignorance, because, well, that’s the way I am and you knew it.

I’m free to be the absolute worst human being imaginable.

And I’ll get away with it because I speak to the people in the language they respond to.