what a time to be alive.

this has nothing to do wit tha content

The title of this journal is the opposite of what I’m feeling right now. There’s like nothing happened this past week. I’m gon face another crappy week. I felt nothing this week. But that’s life, even though you’re very tired you need to keep grinding and go with the flow.

We’ve been preparing for our periodical exams. So the lessons, they be going hard to understand. My lil’ brain can’t keep many information. I know this journal is lacking of content but I’ma continue writing ’cause no one gonna read this anyway.

Last last week, after our performance task, we were supposed to wait for our adviser ’cause she’s gonna give us something some of my classmate went home so our adviser gone mad. She ain’t talked to us for like three days. But last Wednesday we surprised her and we once again reunited. hoho.