the notion of “sustainability” has emerged in what’s got to be the most mass-produced age ever. Our real concern is replaceability, an understandable anxiety about whether there’s more where this came from. There’d better be, when nothing’s Built to Last.
Buy All Your Furniture at Target, For Tomorrow We Die
Catherine Baab-Muguira

It’s crazy how true this is. We’re trying think forward, but we still fall into the same trap. People want to CREATE new ways to to be more SUSTAINABLE. However, we turn into consumerists falling for the promise thinking we are contributing to the good, but we’re contributing to the CREATION of more goods.

Perhaps these goods may last longer, use less resources, and may individually be SUSTAINABLE in its own universe as it is used. Still… something was CREATED to make it. Will this vicious cycle ever end or trickle down.

I’m curious if this SUSTAINABLE mentality is a long term.

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