The thing is, each of these initiatives feeds the news industry’s reflex to make the article the hammer that drives all nails. I would rather see news organizations learn new skills and develop new forms of news to serve the public, taking journalism to people where and when their conversations occur.
A News Cartel
Jeff Jarvis

The “13 inch deadline who-what-when-where-why article” at that. Just at a time when many publishers had finally begun to experiment with new forms of data storytelling, for example, Google’s AMP project comes along and blocks essentially all JavaScript on AMP versions of publisher content, thereby quashing the growing trend toward interactivity powered by JS (of course, though, the JS for Google Analytics, that’s allowed!) I have always agreed with you on the need for publishers to disband themselves of the notion of the atomic article, and unfortunately the new imperatives of distributed content only reinforce the notion that ‘news’ is ‘delivered’ in a one-way process through text and static images.

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