Putin Didn’t Do It
Dave Pell

Dead on.

The only thing I wish you had included is that Putin didn’t make the Democratic party choose an insider candidate when the entire country was clearly calling for an outsider candidate. Nor, for instance, did Putin make Hillary supporters immediately accuse any Bernie supporters of sexism, thus alienating a huge voting block for simply liking one candidate’s policies more than another.

And there are many more sins to add onto the left that help lead us to where we find ourselves today, not the least of which is the left’s (my left’s!) willingness to blame everything on Russia rather than take any responsibility for its own failures. A willingness that is so blind that it would risk another cold war (and the possible nuclear annihilation that goes with it) rather than admit, maybe we could have run a better candidate or at least campaign.

So, yeah, it wasn’t Putin, but it also wasn’t just the “mouth breathers” on the right that fucked this up either. In fact labelling them, “mouth breathers” or, to put it another way, “deplorables”, was part of the problem in itself. Those deplorables were our fathers, our brothers, our mothers, our sisters, our friends.

Or one might say, they were ourselves.

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