Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

I get it, we are all blind to our candidates so you don’t see how bad many of us felt that she was, even if she’s a lot better than Trump. Because you can’t see that, you can’t see what a devil’s deal you offered.

I did vote for her, but apparently that wasn’t enough. Using your own words, we needed to suck dick too. Spare me your condescension.

If it’s true it was the lack of passion that sunk Hillary and raised Trump, the truism here is the party choose the wrong candidate. After all we were told over and over again not to chose the candidate we wanted, that had the best policies, but the candidate that could win against the Republicans. The stakes were too high, principle didn’t matter.

Well, you gave up principle, but you didn’t factor in all the variables, which if it was so important and you were choosing competently you would have. All the things you blame should have been evident up front, but you ignored them.

Stop blaming everyone else. She didn’t win, if she was the right candidate she would have. She wasn’t the right candidate and you choose her. Own that.