Donald Trump is Unimpeachable. Here’s Why.

It may be true that Trump is ugly as sin, a horrible guy, that Russia meddled, or that Russia meddled significantly more than we already suspect. It is also likely true without a major shift in Senate/House attitudes that he is unimpeachable.

However the idea that Russia has basically subsumed our institutions and that, much as I am not a fan of the GOP, they are basically just his puppets, sounds like pure paranoia. If Russia really is that effective in their conniving, then we may as well give it up now. Clearly they are playing 20 dimensional chess and we are still stuck at 2 dimensional.

I am not fans of our GOP and there are many sins to be ascribed to them, however I’m not buying that they have been subsumed as implied.

Could I be wrong? Of course, but it sounds as crazy as McCarthyism, where somehow the Soviets magically had sapped and impurified all of all precious bodily fluids and our childrens’ future was a guaranteed loss.

Yet here we are still today.

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