Tough Luck Destroyers of Hillary Clinton: You Won the Battle, You Won’t Win the War
Sasha Stone

“Men like these hate women like Hillary especially when those women attain positions of power. These men all say, “Oh, I’d vote for Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris.” Sure, pal. Sure you would. Let’s see what happens once they become actual threats.”

I have no doubt there are men like this, nor that some significant part of Hillary’s loss came from sexism, but it is no more pleasant to put men in sexist stereotype boxes than women. It’s easier for humans to believe simple stories like say Hillary was somehow evil, than deal with the nuance of reality. However, the same is true in reverse — who Hillary was and why men (and women) voted against her was not as simple as flat out lies or flat out sexism. Nuance goes in all directions and dogmatism isn’t helpful no matter where it originates.

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