If you’re a man reading this article, and you feel it bubble up inside of you, that feeling of “by…
Peter Gardner

You give a therapist’s touch here, but honestly I don’t find it offensive as a man, but as a human. To box anyone as having “potential” (a euphemism for “loser”) is just not the direction to go. No one is a “loser”, we are all just good people on a journey that those around us may or may not discover. Being labeled a loser, or any other label, doesn’t help anyone on that journey.

I don’t say this as someone with “potential” — I am far beyond that time (older than the author) and I think “successful” probably by any metric, however when reading this I actually thought of one of my nieces who has been struggling to “find her potential” and though, “Ugh, she fits the model the author describes — let’s not label people losers!” My niece, a great person in her own right, I have confidence will come into her own when she comes into her own.

Anyway, the author is as human as the rest of us, but I hope that her journey leads to her seeing that she is needs to look away from labels and judgements on the character of people and see them, like her, as just finding their path even if that may take some longer than others.

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