Someone Who Can Help You Find Work After 50 That You Probably Don’t Know About

When it comes to finding work, don’t you wish there was somebody in your corner? Somebody on your side, looking out for you and working on your behalf to help you get work? There can be.

UpWork, the #1 freelancing site, offers such as a service. And it’s free.

A couple of weeks ago, someone at UpWork named Jennifer contacted me to tell me about a free service they offer called the Talent Agent Program. The Talent Agent Program was created with the goal of helping freelancers, like me, grow their business on UpWork. They do that by offering program members the pick of the best projects and by reviewing their proposals. But more importantly, they submit the proposal on your behalf, highlighting it and strongly recommending you to the client. In other words, they are YOUR advocate. Someone working hard to make sure you get work.

Getting into the Talent Agent Program was simple. All it required was a 15 minute phone call with my new best friend Jennifer.

I haven’t taken advantage of Jennifer yet because right now I’m busy with clients. But you can bet I’ll be enlisting Jennifer’s help with my next UpWork proposal. And as a program member, I can refer others to Jennifer for inclusion in the program.

When you’re ready to jump on the UpWork train, hit me up and I’ll see if I can get you into the Talent Agent Program. After all, finding work after 50 doesn’t have to be you-against-the-world.

Until next time.

Originally published at Too Young To Retire.

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