Lazy Monday Night Cold Mornings

Sound of radio wakes me up. I feel dizzy and cold i wish i could wake up in the mornings feel refreshed with zero hate thoughts.

i told my brother to turn down his music. Love songs makes me hate waking up on it.

I pulled my towel and get a cold shower. My left eye flickers i can’t see anything. It’s already 7PM i checked my low light phone but eyes still flickers. i can’t see clearly.

My brother continues to listen to this millennial love songs. It hurts my ears. But the real thing is when i heard those songs i remember him.

i still miss him.

It’s been 11 months and its like ages since i last saw him.

I still wake up from dreams of him wishing he would show up in nowhere.

It’s another Monday Morning. But It’s different in his. Mine are dark.

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