The sheer joy of breaking through a roadblock.

Lots is written about what it’s like to be a Founder, and I just experienced one of the huge joys: Breaking through a road block.

At first you had a great idea for how a feature (potentially a core feature) might work. Then you imagined it. Imagined it again.

Went through customer validation. Customer validation x 2.

Realized that you needed a better fit. Re-imagined.

You Get the value proposition right.

You have people waiting for it.

You have people wondering just why you hadn’t done it yet.

You start implementing.

Wondered yourself why you havn’t quite got there yet.

You work through safety and liability and tax and legal questions. But you don’t do it yet. You wondered why you hadn’t executed yet. Are you self sabotaging?! What’s wrong with you.

Then you realize what the roadblock is. You can describe and articulate the problem. A major roadblock. Maybe it’s not possible. Now you know why you hadn’t.

You Re-imagine again.

You Research Xxxx. You Research Yyyyy. You Research Zzzx. You Research how other companies work it out. Phone calls and meetings for x and y and z above.

Then, in the shower, or while reading something you find the elegant solution. That is It. Now you just have to do it. Simple.

Best feeling ever.

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