Deploy Your Rails App to Heroku

Carly Ann Pecora
May 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Congrats on finishing your Rails Application! You’re ready to deploy!

Heroku is a great service that enables anyone to deploy his or her app. You can download and install heroku here; or using Homebrew you can type into your terminal:

$ brew tap heroku/brew && brew install heroku

You must create an account, and you can do so here. Login through the command line using:

$ heroku loginheroku: Press any key to open up the browser to login or q to exit:

Press any key to be redirected to login page; once logged in, you will have access to Heroku Command Line.

From here, cd into your app’s directory and find your Gemfile. Find your SQLite3 gem:

gem 'sqlite3'

and change to Postgres:

gem 'pg'

and run bundle install from your command line. PostgreSQL is a much more advanced database and works better with heroku. You can find instructions to install Postgres here. Ensure that Postgres is running, and change your config/database.yml from this:

to this:

Note: the name of the app I am deploying is Dancer-Shoes. Replace this with your app’s name.

If you are having trouble converting your database from SQLite to Postgres, check out this awesome post.

Run $ rake db:create followed by $ rake db:migrate and $ rake db:seed (if you have a seed file) to set up your Postgres database. If it worked, you’ll see your database running in Postgres:

If your app is connected to Github or stored in git, you’re ready to deploy! If not, run the following in your terminal:

$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "init"

If you run $ git status and receiveOn branch master
nothing to commit, working tree clean
as a response, you’re ready to go!


$ heroku create


$ git push heroku master


$ heroku run rake db:migrate to use your application’s database.

And boom! You’ve done it!

These last two steps may take some time.

To open your newly-created app, run $ heroku open .

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