After browsing through 12ups site, I learned a lot about what the company does and how it connects to sports. 12up is a sports media and technology company that focuses on connecting to the digital generation. They are a global entity that provides content in English and Spanish for their diverse audience. The way 12up connects with fans is by targeting the passion and dedication behind huge sports fan and presents news to them through web, mobile, and social channels. The company is driven by fans.

12up is a great resource for anyone that wants to become a journalist because they believe that “with the right tools football fans anywhere can become fan journalists, getting their opinions heard.” 12up is a self publishing platform for sports media, allowing fans to have their opinions be heard. Posts can be presented to consumers in many forms including: lists, slideshows, team line-ups, and player rankings. In addition, 12up makes sure its site is interactive, promoting conversation among readers and writers.

12up is a company from Minute Media that works with different advertising partners. The company combines brands into platforms that consumers would already be reading. Some sample campaigns include Nike, Heineken, and Youtube. By weaving brands into sports stories, people are more willing to be engaged and interested in the brands being advertised.

The company is funded by several leading local investors.

Overall, the site seems like a great platform for sports fans with ideas and opinions to be heard in an environment that fosters fandom and fan interaction.

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