The Man behind the Phillies Social Media Accounts

Tim Stoeckle is the Social Media Manager for the Philadelphia Phillies and is responsible for managing each of the Phillies’ social media accounts. He graduated from St. Joes with a sports marketing degree. He discussed that all the accounts he manages are controlled by the overarching media network known as MLBAM. He uses tools like adobe social to schedule after hours’ posts. Tim represents the organization 24/7 and needs to keep in mind the things he writes and responds. He talked about Twitter mostly and said it is a platform that you keep content light and focus on a trending topic. On game days he works a lot of long hours. Although he doesn’t travel with the team, he has to stay on top of road games. During spring training, he got live content of drills; however, he found the players were doing the same drills every day and it is hard to get new content after a couple of days. The content he uses comes mainly from the team photographer as he can’t use anything from pop culture because of MLB rules. An important subject Tim must deal with is neutralizing fans. He says sometimes he fires back, but if it is anything relating to the players he just leaves it alone.