Powerful Earthquake Shakes the Pacific

Last Sunday, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake shook deep under Papua New Guinea. This earthquake caused several blackouts and damages around the island, but no tsunamis.

According to Chris McKee, assistant director of the Papua New Guinea Geophysical Observatory, the earthquake began 103 miles beneath the Pacific’s geologically active “Ring of Fire”.

“I suspect that because of the great depth of the earthquake, there was probably no significant tsunami,” McKee explained.

While no casualties have been reported, there was damage in parts of central Bougainville and a major town Arawa, according to Aloysius Laukai, manager of the New Dawn FM Bougainville radio station.

The provincial capital of Buka experienced a blackout because of the quake.

Residents from the southern town of Buin were moved to higher ground as a precaution for a possible tsunami.

George Herming, Solomon’s government official said he was not aware of any tremors being felt in his country. He was also not aware of any tsunamis in the area.

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