Ideas of Hookups

Hookups can be seen in many ways depending on how a person takes it. It can be taken as either someone had a simple kiss or someone full on had sex. The reading for this week touches on how hookups today have changed so much over time and the different measures that come with it. Wade and Marx believe that the baby boomers were the generation to start it all. By all, I mean casual hookups and babies being made here and there like it’s nothing, hence, baby boomers! They pushed boundaries and really brought out the idea of sex. Today, society makes hookups into something different than when it started. Our society will bring double standards and morals into question. A perfect example mentioned in Guyland is college. College should be about learning, making new friends, and all of that stuff that sounds “good and regular.” When you get down to reality, college, by many, is often perceived as a place to party, have fun, and have numerous casual sex partners. Guys seem to just want sex and worry about relationships later. With girls, you either have the ones who also simply want casual sex, or get there hopes and the whole love stuff killed off for a bit. Sounds harsh, yes, but it’s true. Now we do have people of course who like to remain out of the sex troubles and enjoy themselves without partying. The point is that the idea of casual sex has gotten worse and Wade and Marx feel that it brought out other topics like female sexuality and standards.

While going through the reading done by Callis, I was pulled in by the way he talked about borderlands. He brought up a good point about binaries and how people are stuck in them. People simply don’t want to branch out and really try to understand what is out there. This brings up how Callis stresses the point of pansexuality and getting people to understand how good it is. Pansexuality is the sexual attraction, emotional attraction and love for any person that identifies themselves as any sex or gender. This idea being brought out in the world would definitely change how we live today and may even cause a domino effect to more peace in our nation. I’m all for the idea of pansexuality and getting people to acknowledge it more.

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