Exercise 5.12

1.)Who: University President David French

What: President announces changes in requirements for graduation

When: Next Fall

Where: University

Why: Recent study showed only 15 percent of students took a foreign language course and only 20 percent took a math course while at the university.

How: Students entering next fall must take one math, computer science, and foreign language course.

Lead: Recent studies have urged university president David French to announce several changes in the requirements for graduation that will take effect next fall when the students arrive.

2.) Who: Cathy Bensen, 22-year-old senior, Daughter of Jim Bensen

What: Arrested

When: last night

Where: local, lives 211 Green Grove Drive

Why: For driving while under the influence of alcohol for the third time in six months

Lead: Local 22-year-old homecoming queen was arrested Friday night when she was caught driving while under the influence of alcohol for the third time in 6 months.

3.)Who: Weather office

What: It is unseasonably warm. Hottest temperature

When: Hottest temperature for this date since 1888. High Yesterday 3:30pm

Where: Port Columbus

Lead: It has been an unseasonably warm week after the Port Columbus weather office has reported a new record high temperature since 1888 this Thursday afternoon.

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