Three simple things you can do to get back into a creative mindset

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Some months ago, long before Coronavirus was even a potential reality, I had this strange irrational desire.

If you create anything and live a busy life, you’ve probably had a similar thought…

I told myself, “I wish I could just be admitted to the hospital for like two weeks. That way I could be secluded away from everyone, I wouldn’t have to work, and I would be super productive to conduct the reading and writing that my busy schedule doesn’t willingly permit.”

Now with most of the United States quarantined, why is it that I’m having a hard time creating anything? I got the time I wanted. I’m stuck at home now for the foreseeable future… So why am I still not able to create anything?

In case you were already questioning your ability to rebel…

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For the last couple of years, I’ve really dug my heels into the idea of self-improvement. In exploring what that looks like I wanted 2020 to be the start of a different kind of personal journey. So I shaped my News Year’s Resolutions back in January to reflect that.

My goals I outlined were:

1. I want to spend 2020 finding and discovering more peace — peace in this world and peace within myself.

2. I will only truly do things I enjoy and I will do things that bring me joy.

In my quest to learn more about my inner workings, to conquer some of my traumas, and dominate my self-fears, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Some articles are scientific, other’s based on personal experience. Some I’ve found I align with very closely, and other perspectives I’ve been studying I’ve realized don’t pertain to me at all. …

A Solution to Having Many Creative Outlets

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You’re a creative go-getter. I get it. I am, too.

But that isn’t the problem.

The problem is that you’re spreading yourself so thin in your desire to “go and get.” You look like the pie crust that was meant to be rolled out, but you were stretched too far and now you have a bunch of holes where the rolling pin tore your fragile skin open. And your top edge is oblong instead of circular. And I can see the counter top through your middle.

But, like I said, I get it. Because I’m that way too.

When I was younger, I was shown so many different ways to creatively express myself. Between my dad being obsessed with creating his own art and teaching me techniques to my elementary teachers forcing me to create finger paintings of direct reflections of my imagination, I discovered at a young age that I really like a lot of things. And I’m kind of good at some of them, too. When I’m not good at them, I still usually enjoy them regardless. …

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Courtesy of me!

If you’ve ever responded to one of my posts, or taken time out of your day to comment something on my work, I have started giving you the same response.

If I read your Medium piece, and I mean REALLY read it… I will also provide you with that same response.

By ‘really read’ I mean that you sucked me in, I didn’t click out, you connected to something inside me, and I was made a better person for having read your article.

Now if you haven’t ever interacted with me, then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. …

Having a secondary creative outlet, and why that matters.

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Photog: (N) 1. A North-American slang term for photographer. 2. Part genius, part human, part insane-creature willing to freeze fingers and time for the perfect shot.
-EXAMPLE: I am a photog, therefore I am.

Creativity: (N) 1. Defined by me as one of the main reasons why I have survived this long on this planet. (I.E. An outlet to express myself to the rest of the world when I don’t really make much sense to myself.) 2. A benevolent force that herds ideas into the right half of my brain, ultimately enabling me to manifest said ideas. …

When so much has happened you lost sight of why you write in the first place.

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Several months back I wrote on Medium a lot.

I mean, A LOT a lot.

I was writing nearly a post every day. And if not every day, every other day. I was doing this because I had the motivation to and the time. My schedule was more liberated and my heart was in it. With every word that I furiously etched out on each page, my anticipation for the next article to be was building before I even completed the task at hand.

I was a monster.

A writing machine.

And as my list of publications I could write for and the stories on my profile grew, so did my personal fulfillment. The completion of yet another post would send a shockwave of silently speedy adrenaline through my veins. …

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Alright. I’m not here to endorse giving up all the time. I think that reliability and sticking it out is a part of good integrity. Honestly, it’s a part of just being a good human being. I think that sticking most things out beyond the point you should is admirable.

I am one of those kinds of people — the one that quotes were written for…

This specific quote, actually:

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Okay, here’s the deal.

I know you have something to say. I know you think it’s important. I know you’re probably just trying to do me a solid…

But if I get an email every day from you I will unsubscribe and not even feel bad about it.

I am a busy person. I have a lot going on. My email box gets a ton of emails every several minutes. Most of them are not spam, as I have a spam email that I offer up to places like a sacrificial virgin. I have two other email accounts, one is a personal email and the other is my more professional email. …

In No Particular Order

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“red alphabet decors” by Jason Leung on Unsplash

I don’t know a single writer (or really a single human) that doesn’t like a word. If you don’t like a specific word, I bet you have one you use all the time — a phrase even.

Either way, I’m not here to argue on whether you like words or not… Because you’re here. So you must get SOMETHING out of them.

So. I’m here to list ten that I love. Because words are important. Even if you’re not always writing them.

Aubergine: This is a fun one. Technically this means a deep purple but really it just reminds me of Thai food. I usually always get eggplant in any of my curries. Now my stomach is growling. …

A How-To On Being Productively Lazy

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I had a student come into my office the other day…

He came in to see me because one of his professor’s sent my office an alert that he would not be able to pass his class as he had just failed his midterm. Because I had met with him prior to this referral, I was assigned his case.

I know the student, actually pretty well.

I work in an advising and student success office at a smaller university in the state of Oregon. …


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