Men — Don’t Be Haters!

The repercussions of the 2016 United States political campaign and election will be with us for a long time — probably ever. The divisiveness was spectacular in the worst kind of way — we learned about misogyny up close and personal from the left with the Bernie Bros (many who are still hung up on Hillary Clinton and have yet to offer real solutions to real world issues) and from the right with the Republicans who have condoned and gleefully embraced discriminatory practices and language from the President and from themselves. Congress seems to have such an immediate need to denigrate, demean, demoralize women that I find myself asking where have these people come from? Oh right, a woman!

Everyday in our great nation, there is another unhappy and jealous man (and some very confused women) trying to put all of us “Baby’s in a Box” (Dirty Dancing reference for those unaware). Why are men jealous of women? Simply put — We can procreate and they can’t. It’s the only reason. It’s not because we are smarter and more capable of multi-tasking (every see a man driving and on the phone? It’s a slow down kind of thing). Or that we are more patient, tolerant and willing to overlook faults (working or living with a man will teach you that quickly)!

I worked in a male-dominated industry and lord have mercy it was like running through cactus. So many little pricks!

My boss was cheating on his wife regularly, another guy was always finding ways to not get any work done — and that usually involved complaining about other staff and misdirecting attention, and if the “pull my finger” did not happen every day, multiple times a day, the world would stop spinning. It was like a department of boy children acting poorly and then wanting the women staff to validate them — and oh help us if we didn’t.

And in today’s world — women are under real attack by the leader of our country, who instead of embracing (oops wrong word) the 51% female population as active voting and spending members of our country, chooses to relegate us to second-class citizenship.

And lets not forget Congress who continuously tries to place women underneath their shoe. From holding women’s health hearings with no women present (remember Sandra Fluke and the ultimate bloviated blow-hard Rush Limbaugh), to passing a bill in the House of Representatives that makes breathing as a woman a pre-exisiting condition. (Well not really but its does potentially make pregnancy, C-sections, breast cancer and even treatment for domestic violence and sexual assault pre-exisiting conditions).

What I don’t get is why there are any women who think this is a good idea? Every mother, every wife, every daughter, every woman needs to rise up and smack their stupid Congressional sons (and to be fair a few daughters) in the head and ask them — “Why Do You Hate Women??”

And for the Bernie Bros who cannot really help transform a new society because of their wallowing in whine territory — man up and move on and make a difference. (Can you imagine these guys with cramps — much less pregnant? They are living proof that biology was not dumb!)

And just so you know — middle aged women, WOMEN, are leading the resistance, the fight, the protesting — we will be the change we wish to see in the world. Why? Because we look down the road and see potential. We see hope. We are not stagnant. We look to the future and we do not remain sitting or silent. We get stuff done.

I hear every day that men need to be included in our quest for equality and that men need to be our partners. Well, men can start at home and be equal partners in house work and child care and rearing. Then they can go into their offices and start fighting for women in the work place by ensuring that pay inequality and sexual harassment and discrimination are dead. Next, they can call and write and tweet Congress and hold them and every other elected official responsible for failing to eliminate domestic violence or backlogged rape kits. And then follow through by voting for candidates that stand up for women. Now that would be a great show of of real partnership.

But until that time comes (and don’t tell me it’s now, because Silicon Valley still has a 25% female employee rate, domestic violence costs are $37 billion a year and the rape kit backlog is well over 400,000 given that 20 states in this country have no regulatory requirement to even find or count them), women will keep kicking ass and taking names.

Make sure your name is on the right list.