Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

Ended up leaving for DC early on Friday. $5 for car sandwich lunch, $0 for parking at friends’ house, $1.75 for round trip bus to/from doctor $25 copay (for now/HSA will reimburse). Friends left me $ for dinner, so that was free (and I grabbed a free box of coffee pods because friends buy them in bulk since you can only find Kcups in stores).

Saturday spent about $15 on breakfast/pastries for friends/killing time at a bakery before going to help set up for the memorial service. The box I sent via Amazon never arrived so I’m getting a refund on that. One guest gave me a generous check to help with my travel expenses to the family memorial service this coming weekend (yes, I cried).

Sunday was very tough. Made pasta I had at home. Eventually went to Target for needed cleaning supplies and flight snacks. About $80 (ughhhh).