Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Hello Friday friends! I’m headed to the American Craft Council’s craft show tonight. They are offering $5 admission after 5 today only. I’m planning to eat dinner at home and bring purse snacks.

I’m planning to sew on Saturday (pre-paid). I will be skipping my membership for March, because I have at least two weekends I’ll be unavailable. Here’s hoping that process is as easy as they said it would be! Their coffee shop opened last weekend, so I expect to pay about $3-$4 there.

Sunday, I’ll sew in the morning and then I’m headed to dinner at a semi-pricey place with my roommate. We have a $50 gift card from Christmas and I want to buy a bottle of wine to celebrate my promotion, but hopefully I can get away for $50.

Roommate might want to go grocery shopping, so if I go with her, I’ll spend a billion dollars.

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