Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

I estimated like $20 for groceries, but ended up spending $50 because I am terrible at grocery budgets. I did get a pack of chicken breasts, which ended up becoming several servings of stir fry.

I paid $18 in craft supplies and $10 for lunch on Friday.

It was a beautiful weekend, and I met a friend at an outdoor cafe, then, lulled into an easy-going vibe from the sunshine, splurged on slogan t-shirts and greeting cards (a friend is dealing with chemo and I’m trying to send her a cheerful card at least once a week). ($80)

Sunday I did sewing, and then left in the early afternoon to walk around the Inner Harbor (with everyone else). At the one end of my walk, I got a water bottle $1 and a slice of pizza $4.25, and a pack of candy $1.88. (My exercise is mostly food-motivated, if you can’t tell.) On the way back, I got an iced tea ($3.68) largely to use the bathroom at the coffee shop near the park.

On Monday, I went to exercise class and didn’t die, so I paid for a space for next week’s class. If I can make it another month, I’ll sign up for a package. I also bought a fancy kombucha, then went downstairs to order an egg sandwich and read ($15+$5+$7).

$195.81 — (barf face)

In other news, I got official paperwork confirming my promotion went through. I’m rich*! (*Just as soon as I pay off mountains of debt!!!)

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