What Childhood Toy Did You Want But Never Receive?
Nicole Dieker

I think I was that kid who got everything. I was an only child until high school and over the course of my childhood, had a Barbie dream house, My Little Pony house, Samantha American Girl Doll, a bicycle, and one of those dress up kits full of scarves. In the Summer, my friend’s mom watched me and they had a pool, a big yard, a bunch of kitties, and Mall Madness.

I also wanted a pony and identified deeply with the Shel Silverstein poem about the girl who died because she didn’t get a pony. We lived in a townhouse for most of my childhood. I eventually got to take horseback riding and developed a frightful allergy where my eyes swelled shut. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My mom would get on my case about how quickly I ran through the books she bought me. We also went to the library and she bought me books from Babysitters Club or Redwall pretty often. I was the kid that came home with the book sale flyer all circled.

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