In Which I Gingerly Poke at Amazon Subscribe & Save
Nicole Dieker

I use subscribe and save, but I also frequently go in and postpone certain items. (Each month, Amazon will send you an email reminder a few days before the cut off to change your order. You can then go into your Subscribe and Save page and opt to skip, cancel, or move up scheduled deliveries. You can add new items, too.) Amazon will give you the discount regardless of the subscription frequency. They will also let you know if they price has changed, or if an item is not longer available via S&S. I seem to need regular consumable household things every 6 weeks, so I skip pretty often. I’ve also got some things (like fancy caffeinated tea) that I can get from the regular store, but added to my order to reach the sweet 15% discount on your whole order for having 5 or more items in your monthly subscription. I’ve also done this trick by adding a super tiny sample pack of tea (for about $2–3) in the past.

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