Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I’m back! The trip went as smoothly as nearly two full days of travel (airlines, I hate you) and one day of a memorial service could hope to go. They made the “DC” people raise our hands during the church program because they were all so impressed by the impact my friend had. It was embarrassing and humbling all at once. Very glad I got to go (thanks to my mom for paying for my flights).

Spent $46 on rental car and about $20 on gas. $30 on “express” parking because I could not find the cheapest lot (would have saved $2 per day). $2 on shuttle driver tips ($1 each). A friend gave me $100 toward expenses, so I used it on rental car costs, to help out my other friend who traveled with me and is a broke nursing student.

Spent about $45 on food which was my half of ingredients for group dinner and breakfast, plus a bottle of wine, a pack of RedBull, and a few bonus snacks because I like to eat frequently.

$0 spent on food Saturday, bless people who bring food to the church hall.

Probably $30 on airport meals, only because I could not bring myself to eat just snacks.

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