What We Save When We Give Up
Megan Reynolds

I’m constantly surprised by how much drinks cost in Baltimore, but I prefer either sparkling wine or a fancy cocktail. Cocktails fancier than a rum and Coke end up running $13-$16. I prefer to order these sorts of drinks when out, because I can’t easily recreate them at home. At home, I drink cider, or miniature bottles of sparkling wine because I can’t finish a normal bottle. I don’t go out for drinks (or dinner) very often, but I prefer one fancy drink over 3 cheap beers. I spend maybe $50 on average on alcohol in a month, unless I’m going out a lot more than usual. I’m travelling next month, and going to a birthday party at a bar in DC, and buying supplies for a party I’m hosting with my roommate, so will definitely exceed the average in March.

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