Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’m dropping my car off for that service I’ve been talking about for over a week. Hoping to spend under $200, but don’t really know. This would come out of savings anyway. Crossing my fingers that they don’t find anything actually wrong — just the normal stuff.

The local recycled/reuse craft supply store is selling fabric for $2 a pound starting today, so I’m hoping to head over and pick up some good stuff. At the very least I can use some of their weird quilting cotton in place of muslin for working out patter sizing. (I’m currently sewing up a muslin version of a dress I plan to make, but I bought the muslin new at a store like a chump). Hoping to spend about $10.

Tomorrow I will go grocery shopping and maybe hit one of the farmers markets so the bunnies have salad. Might trek to Trader Joe’s, which has an element of budget danger. ($50 for both)

Sunday, I’m going to swing by some open houses to scope out the neighborhoods and get an idea of how well the photos on Zillow represent the actual properties. ($0, and maybe they will have free snacks.)

Sunday afternoon I’m meeting friends at a Greek Festival and we will eat and drink and sweat in the heat. I have no idea of their price range, or if there is an entry fee. ($20?)