Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

Is it okay to check in if I don’t really know what I spent this weekend? I’m on a panel at a conference in Miami on Tuesday and they covered my flight, so I ended up coming down on Saturday morning and staying two days on my own dime.

$254 — Sat & Sun in an AirBnB that ended up being in a “condo hotel.” It was a small room with bathroom and kitchenette, but I got to check in early and it was two blocks from the beach. Too cold to get in the ocean, so I did a lot of walking (spent about $10 on bandaids for blisters!).


Food and drink were a lot more than I expected, and even though most of it is in Mint, I’m ignoring it so I don’t stress out too much. I had two drinks ($13 each), and two higher end meals the entire time. My other food was from a fast-casual hippie place (Dragonfruit bowl $11, herbal tea with fresh-picked herbs $4), and an Italian bakery/pizza place (ham pizza and sweet bread for breakfast! $5). I’m on the hook for my meals the next two days, but it seems like options in downtown Miami are more reasonable, though I might try for a drink at a fancy restaurant with a view.

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