Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’ve been feeling cruddy for the last few days so hopefully a calm weekend. It’s also super hot, so might hide indoors.

After work today I’m going to look at two houses in my neighborhood. I don’t think they have parking, so they probably aren’t a good match. My roommate is planning to come with me and then she had promised to buy me a $5 happy hour item at a fancy bar nearby. I’ll come home and eat leftovers for dinner.

Saturday morning I’m going to a city home buying tour. It’s a very weird set up because if you attend and put a contract on a home within 10 days, they enter you in a drawing for a $5,000 incentive. But I don’t think there is a house I am prepared to put a contract on within 10 days. It cost $10 to attend this event, but I paid a few weeks ago.

Saturday evening, I’m going to DC for a BBQ. Will use the gasoline already in my car’s tank, and probably bring a pack of alcoholic cider to share. ($11)

Sunday, I’m letting my roommate borrow the car for the day. I’ll go to the farmer’s market ($35) and probably stay home and enjoy the A/C while working on some sewing (pre-paid).

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