Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

My friend died Saturday morning. I was in a very long line at Nordstrom Rack buying a $20 pair of jean shorts when I checked Facebook and read what happened. I bought the shorts and went to cry in the Nordstrom lounge bathroom for about an hour. Once I got home, I bought a pizza and a soda (vodka added at home).

Sunday I managed to go to the farmers market, but much later than normal, and it was very hot and I was very sad. Spent about $10 mostly on salad for bunnies (bunnies gotta eat).

Sunday night I got details of the memorial, so bought flights to/from Sacramento. Need a rental car, and have a lead on a share of a cabin. Her family lived out near Yellowstone. My mom offered to pay for flights and I’m not in a good position to turn her down, so I will accept. They were about $520, but last minute flights have terrible seat options, so I paid about $30 for a minor upgrade on one of the legs (of course no direct flights.) May spring for at least one more, but none of them were great options. Hoping against hope that a flight attendant will pity me. Will try to talk doctor into Rxing me something for flight stress so I don’t sob in the middle seat for 7 hours each way.