I Failed at Buying Shoes That Fit
Nicole Dieker

My roommate and I have both been stuck in a Spring shoe buying loop that I fear we may never get out of. I want a pair that I can wear to work, in a business casual office during the summer when it is too hot. This will involve minimal walking, but I like my shoes super comfortable. I am willing to pay decent money, but not for shoes that will make me bleed the second I step out of my apartment (that threshold is always when the shoes go from comfortable to uncomfortable).

I’m also trying to find “walking sandals” for wearing around on the weekends instead of sneakers. I like to walk about 5 miles a day or more on the weekends and so I’ve been looking at shoes in the model of Tevas, but having bad luck.

Combined with my roommate, my household has probably ordered and returned 20 or more pairs of shoes to Amazon in the past few weeks. I have another pair in transit as we speak.

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