Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

On Friday I said something like, “Not spending much this weekend, but planning to go out for a nice dinner,”

And then my bunny got sick and I called a ton of places to find an emergency facility that could handle rabbits (most can’t! the closest ones can’t!). Bunny and I drove about 30 minutes north for an exam, x-ray, antibiotics, and supplies for me to give him subcutaneous fluids 2–3 times a day. The vet anted to keep him for a while to administer the fluids and try for a urinalysis, but I was hoping to avoid the extra cost, extra round trip drive, and leaving him alone with a bunch of strangers and dogs to stress him out further. ($234, before seeing what insurance will chip in)

There goes my fancy dinner money (and then some, haha/cry). Instead I got myself Chick-fil-a for dinner on the drive home ($6)

I ended up sewing up a tear on a neighbor’s couch and they insisted on paying me. I was going to do it for free, to be neighborly, but they settled on +$25.

Farmers Market was about $30

$40 at Target (some grocery and cleaning items)

Ended up caving and renting a movie Sunday afternoon ($5)

Now to raid the freezer and cupboard for the rest of the month to cover that unexpected vet expense.

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