Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

Saturday: airport $8.50 (from old Starbucks card balance) chai and bottled water. Friends bought me brunch. $8.50 cider and tip at the Whitewater Center (we walked around with my friends’ toddler and dog, watching other people rock climb and kayak). Friends bought me dinner.)

Sunday: $23 Ren Fair ticket, $9 too salty fried rice and two bottles of water. It was too hot so I saved money by not drinking alcohol. Further saved money by eating smuggled snacks.

Monday: Airport pumpkin bread and bottled water (not from Starbucks card because the dumb kiosk apparently wasn’t a full Starbucks…) $8~ cash. Cinnabon sticks $4.50

Total: $61.50 ($49 if we don’t count Monday morning.)

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