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Thanks! I’m trying to find good historical data to be able to come to a reasonable offer. I don’t really trust places like Zillow to be accurate. Looks like home ownership is down overall, but the zip code I’m looking at has seen about a 4% increase in the last year. The property I’m currently stalking was bought in June 2015 and it looks like they are asking just over 4% above what they paid then.

The house is not in the hottest part of the zip code, but another similar house was off the market in under a week, so I feel like I need to be prepared to put in an offer once this place goes up on Aug 5. (It’s been listed as coming soon and includes photos.) Of course, 90% of the homes I’ve toured end up being much grosser in person than in the listing photos, so odds are I won’t even like the house once I see inside.

Houses either get snapped up quickly, or linger for a few months while the price drops.

I’ve seen some awful flips, but most of those houses here need to be gutted to start and that leaves a lot of room for varying quality renovations.

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