President Obama’s Farewell Address 2017 — Law & Politics Blog 8–3/15/17

Being humble as an orator is important. A humble speaker, especially if that speaker is a politician demonstrates to an audience that they are not belittling the audience with their knowledge, the orator is not arrogant, and the speaker is honest, their words are truth. If a speaker appears pompous and their words are flowery and difficult to understand, their message, even if it could be the truth is clouded. It is crucial to keep one’s words when delivering a speech simple, in line with the topic, and based on the researched evidence about the truth one is seeking to argue for. President Obama’s final speech as president, his farewell highlights how an orator is to be humble. The president in all of his speeches begins by thanking the audience and when necessary explaining his humble beginnings and road to the presidency. What differs about President Obama’s Farewell Address is he keeps the speech short and incredibly simple. He thanks, all of his supporters from all his years as a public servant, he thanks his staff for their support, he thanks the American public for their faith and trust, and finally he offers hope for the future by saying there is always work to be done to approve America and the world. The president makes a point to his audience that although his administration worked hard, met resistance, still got a lot of work done, change and the betterment of society should not end because he is out of office.