When you think you’re done, you’re not…

When you’re lost, you’re not really lost. 
You only think you’re lost,
When the answer has been there all along. 
You are your own worst enemy.

When you’re hungry for more, you’re not really starving. 
You only feel unsatisfied with the plate you’ve been served. 
When there is more to fill you up than most get in a lifetime.

When you’re alone, you’re not really lonely. 
You’re just without any companions, 
When you have a treasure trove of stories, memories, and rooms full of people to keep you company. 
You tell yourself what you want to believe.

When you’re sad, you’re not really unhappy. 
You are only tired and emotionally spent, 
When you just need rest your eyes.

When you’re lost, you’re not really lost. 
You’re a wanderer.

You’re only human, after all.

And when you open up your eyes, 
You’ll see the world.

When you think you’re done,
You’re not.

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