Rubber Car Mats vs Carpet Car Mats — Which One Should You Choose?

Car mats provide a range of wonderful benefits that you get to enjoy as a car owner. They help to keep the original carpeting of the vehicle in top condition, ensuring your car is appealing to more buyers when you decide to sell. They are strong and durable and easy to clean, making it easier to keep your interior looking in top condition. Of course, they are strong, long lasting and affordable and are manufactured to your specifications and are made specifically for your make and model of vehicle, which are other advantages to take into consideration.

Choosing between carpet and rubber car mats is a rather big decision. For you it may simply be down to preference, but each provides it’s own range of benefits and there are reasons why some car mats are better than others based on your lifestyle and driving needs.

First lets take a closer look at the rubber car mats, which are usually manufactured directly to meet your vehicles unique shape and size. The rubber mats will come as two front and two back mats and there are also boot mats available, if you prefer. Rubber car mats offer you an easy cleaning solution. The rubber mats can simply be removed, hosed down and allowed to dry before returning to the vehicle. Cleaning doesn’t get any easier with rubber car mats.

Of course everything has it’s slight disadvantages and rubber car mats come in very limited colours, in fact you will find that chances are you will only find black rubber car mats, you won’t get the choice of colours you get with carpet options.

That being said, this particular material is ideal for all climates. If you live in a wet climate and you are getting into your car with wet feet all the time, then the rubber mats are the best choice. If you have pets or a horse and you have mud on your boots often, then the rubber will be the best choice to ensure the interior of your vehicle remains clean at all times.

Now that you know about rubber car mats, lets take a closer look at the carpet options. Carpet car mats are also designed to protect the original interior of your vehicle, helping you keep your original carpets clean and in good condition. Carpet car mats are ideal for those who don’t carry a lot of dirt on their shoes regularly. If you have an office job and you live and work in the city, then you may get wet feet now and again, but mud and clay are the furtherest things you are going to find yourself taking into your car with you.

Carpet car mats come in black or grey colouring, but you get a wide range of trim colours, which you can choose to match the colour of your vehicle or your own personal preference.

Where you live and what you do each day is what will determine the bet car mats for you. Some people just prefer the rubber car mats because they are so easy to clean and maintain, while others prefer the lush appearance of the carpet car mats, sometimes it is down to personal preference, though keep your lifestyle in the decision to ensue you make the best choice.

Ensure you purchase from a reputable car mat manufacturer who will tailor make the car mats to your unique vehicle and specifications.

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