How to have an Hour Glass Figure…

(Or the best shape for you)

Step 1 — -look at yourself for real

  • In the mirror …( get real)

Often times I’ve seen people in full denial of their own body frame and the truth about what is happening with gaining weight and excess lbs.. While I know there is real importance to “ loving yourself as you are”.. there is hard core fact on how obesity cause Heart problems , Diabetes

And it complications that may lead to Cancer! ( this is not about body shaming !)

2 — Go for a walk….(repeat)

Sounds silly but walking helps align your frame and skeleton system .. one walk around your local track helps. muscle memory also pop into shape..

Do this like you eat or sleep every day starting at 20 min..

And slowly add 5 min a week..

Not only is this simple and easy to do , it also changes your Mental state and pumps up endorphins . ( Depression includes the lack of movement , I’ll talk about this

At another blog)

3 — visualize exactly what you want your body to look like!( Most important)

Our sub conscious mind creates visual outcomes all day long..

Just like a google search if we give it a photo it will tell us how to achieve that look! So you want to choose an image of yourself or someone who’s body type seems similar to your goal.. ( realistic and attainable )

5 — when eating imagine and feel your stomach eat until comfortably full

( Be Mindful and aware of Stomach at all times)

6 — some more step up your game and Switch it up to a different exercise ( e.g. Swimming , biking, palates…)

7 — Choose healthy foods ( this is not dieting but lifestyle …)

8 — look in the mirror again …( After 6 Weeks Weigh yourself) see where you can

Step up your game! ( don’t forget to reward yourself! .. buy some new clothes

Or self care like Spa …)

9 — keep going it takes about 6 weeks to create a new Habit..

When working with Weightloss Clients one

Of the ways we help support this in our program is to set up

Lesson plans and Audio programming

… through repetition is how the Hypnosis process begins to replace bad habits with good!

10 — Last but not least !

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