The Cost of Happiness

An ice cream cone cost around $3 in a small town. It usually melts fast so it needs to be eaten quickly. When the sugar dissolves into your system, your body feels fulfilled and its primary source of energy is replenished. It is the taste of pure happiness, at least for a few minutes.

For $5 you can buy a paperback book. A few hundred pages later you reflect on being taken away into someone else’s life. You laugh when they laugh and smile when they smile. Their world engulfs you to the point where empathy is invoked. For some this happiness can last a few days, for others a few weeks. From then, a smile might reemerge whenever the memory of that story is conjured.

For $10 you can see a movie. The images on a large screen take you into a world and expose you to scenes you have never seen in real life. Suddenly you can fly, you can crack the code to a safe, or manage to steal the Deceleration of Independence. While you may feel sorrow or pain, the happiness of knowing what happens isn’t, in fact, real, will still make you smile. You can choose a show that is happy, one that makes you laugh, or one that you know will be painful at times.

For $20 you can eat out, including tip — possibly a drink. You can season your meat with just the right amount of salt and pepper, pick the sides of your choosing, or special order the ingredients you love the most like caramelized onions.

For $50 you can bring a date.

For $100 you can see a professional football game. Not the best seats, but not the worst. And hey, at least you’re in the park, right?

For $250 you can buy a ticket to a music festival. Trust me, worth the skrilla.

For $500 you can be considered VIP at that festival, get free showers and maybe a poster.

For $1000 you can pay your rent… or rent an RV for a weekend at a music festival ;)

For $5k you could just buy an RV, or at least a really shitty one with mold on the foam seats — brown tweed. Take that bad boy around the country. Give it all you got.