How Much It Is Possible To Recognize Oral Cancer

One of the deadliest health conditions is the oral cancer; and the bad news is that it is on the rise. The most common reasons for oral cancer include smoking and use of alcohol but there are many people who do not develop oral cancer. Furthermore, there can be other different reasons for oral cancer.

Save life through early detection

According to American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, one person dies every hour due to cancer. The major reason for this health condition to be this much deadly is that it is discovered in its later stages.

Therefore, an early detection of oral cancer can help you get rid of this condition without undergoing much invasive treatments. Moreover, you will be able to avoid many of the negative side effects of treatment due to this early detection and timely treatment.


When we talk about early detection, it is worth mentioning the symptoms which start appearing when oral cancer occurs. Good news is that these symptoms are easily identifiable. However, most of the people just ignore the symptoms and let the disease to get worse. You will just need to check the tongue, gums and lips to identify the symptoms. Although you cannot tell if a particular sign shows definite presence of cancer, you should be able to get a heads up warning.

There are some early symptoms you need to look for.

· Red and white patches in the soft tissues of mouth

· Sore the mouth

· Bleeding or hoarseness in the oral cavity

· Change in the shape of teeth without any apparent reason

And there are some late symptoms which also need to be looked out for.

· Hardening of soft tissues

· Numbness in the lips and tongue

· Obstruction in the airway

· Earache going chronic

· Pain in the mouth while chewing or talking

· Tightness when you tend to open your mouth

Get help from dentist

Although oral cancer is the case you should get treatment for from a medical specialist, you can also get help from your dentist when it comes to proper diagnosis. As a matter of fact, many of the dentists have oral cancer screening included in their routine checkup plan. Many of the dentists offer free oral cancer screening in a year in order to spread the cancer awareness.

The dentist is going to ask you a few questions about changes in your oral cavity. Moreover, your oral cavity is going to be thoroughly checked by the dentist.