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The uber-talented Kendrick Lamar and me in the middle at my 7th birthday in Southern California.

pop! pop! pop! tak! tak! tak!

We get in position — our bodies faced down on the carpet of our duplex. It was LA in 1994.

I can’t remember how many times I heard guns firing in my neighborhood, but on this day it was different. A bullet flew through my parents’ bedroom window and made its way to my bedroom closet.

The damage to our home was of little consequence when the police found the body of a teenage boy in front of our garage.

The number of bullet holes in the garage door didn’t match up to the…

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IG: @lucymaelouise

#the100dayproject came at the perfect time.

I moved for the fourth time in my last semester of grad school in New York.

I got turned down for a coveted fellowship for which I was a finalist.

I experienced a test of relationship boundaries with someone I loved.

I had to face major revelations about my identity, my past, and forgiveness.

As my Grandma Lucy would say, it was time to pray!

In retrospect, it was a blessing to have friends who opened their homes to me when my housing situation was unstable, it was a blessing that I got so…

Carmel Pryor

Creative Social Advocate, Marketing Strategist, and Shoe Lover (read: addict) IG: lucymaelouise //

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