Amazing world starting today

When you are a little child you have big dreams but when you grow up the dreams get bigger.

I was born on this Earth among people and I grew up with people, people whom I met by chance or it was fated to meet them, people who inspired me with a word or action the joy of growing up, me and my dreams.

As I was moving ahead through like I took many stops, some longer than others in some places. At some stops I learned, at others I stayed and grew up.

What I did until now, I acomplished my mission as a human on this Earth like any other individual.

When I was a little girl I considere the Earth like a fortress where all the people were soldiers but now I see it much more than a fortress. A world so big where the you have freedom to live. Today you can travel in space or you can dine with the fish, in a submerse restaurant, today you can travel from E to W, from N to S in the same day. When you are a kid the dreams are big but you are older the dreams get even bigger.

I am a citizen of this land for proper that the culturally I was born with an ethnicity and a culture that I love and am proud to represent existing among others. I am a young man who made ​​few steps on this earth before, but today I can afford to go through all the land that no longer resulted in a tourist city and are welcoming and happy smiles when they know other people, other values ​​and other ethnicities, different from those in which we were born. Because in us, younger generation there is a greater desire for knowledge, innovation and achievement of many things that are possible to achieve today, compared to our parents’ generation. Today we young people through our innovations help our parents to enjoy life and what exists on the ground, we work by innovation usuran machinations and save time that can be filled with many more things before. Today we are the ones that help rejuvenate our parents.

I declare myself a citizen of this earth today is peace because it will be because people gather where peace. World where no one possesses anyone and no one restricts the value. You are so free to climb mountains how many you want and so free to immerse yourself in what oceans do, freedom is our life.

I learned that we humans are really happy when they build something and we take pride in our work. We learned that we can only survive in an environment surrounded by nature, peace and life. Where we enjoy singing and flying birds, where only animals alter the landscape where forests are untouched by chain saws, there should we live in the future. Today cities erected scratch the clouds, piloting airplanes and space ships launching today are so busy doing all humans in the future you be more crowded if we stop the pace a bit even evolution.

I believe that we are enough evolution to date in all areas in order to live comfortably enough. As a citizen of this earth, today I can say that living in an era alert anything that exceeds my ability for proper processing to learn all there, but in all these existing wonders you choose one area and sheep-sheep you explore it as long as there’s resources that nourish me and from which I develop. Joy me more than anything today I absolutely anything and everything I overridden necessary for proper consisted of something.

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