COIN a set of collectable tools

That you acquire as you progress in the levels of self mastery.

The COIN experience: testing prototype.

These article is about using UX design processes for bringing a set of self mastery tools into a digital experience…it is about transformation!

User Centered Design process

The project was done under user centered design tools to help us create things that people want, need or gives value. The COIN proposal is a combination of digital experience and ancient technology to help users find their inner strength and potentials throughout a set of tools that are being designed by self mastery professionals for more than 5000 years ago in Orient.

The sartorialist. Femenine Archetype who might practice selfmastery.

Users Personas

Targeting the increasing crowd of young achievers with a broad sense for good living and taste for well designed products, we studied archetypes of user personas that matched the targeted group.

Personas created under contemporary lifestyle like working routines, exercise practices, relationships, time that people give to themselves, making great efforts to get into the skin and emotions of users and imagine how they will react when they perform an online practice of self mastery building a customer journey like a movie.Though looking forward to create universal features easy to understand and use, because self mastery must be accessible for all, anywhere and anytime!

Survey: would people use a product like COIN?

Survey Results upon 376 potential users. The negative thoughts and emotions.

Though looking forward to create universal features, because self mastery must be accessible for all, anywhere and anytime!

Design Challenge found after analyzing user personas.

Users in the digital era

Some conclusions after research are that we live in a context of immediate requests and constant change, something not easy to handle we are often taken out of our comfort zone and these fact requires a lot of resilience to adapt to the endless transformations and The New.

Change is one of the main causes of stress and anxiety it is an activation of our internal alarm system when something unknown approaches our perimeter with a negative impact on wellbeing.

User research results and bussines problem.

Loneliness and isolation are also proven facts of our era, the increasing amount of self centered individuals who lack of time for real life sharing and good experiences has become a challenge.

Pain points found after the survey.

Invest in Yourself as a mainstream

Never in human history there was such an immense offer of experiences like we have now a days, we face times of surge for defeating the fact that we feel empty and with no purpose, it seems everything is outside and we have forgotten about our inner self.

Through out the research we found out four main pain points where we can add value to users, related to time, sharing, kit toolbox and auto testing.

Value proposition design

A set of tools for Self Mastery

COIN is a set of collectable tools to help you create balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.

Collect COINS and find what really matters! Endless joy and unconditional love.

”These tools are an ancient technology of preserving youth and preventing disease by regulating the stress hormones of the body. Unlock the unlimited potential of your life. Discover what holds you back and transform it into fuel to push you forward! We will guide you until you are soaring on your own! Discover your personal blueprint and redesign it to build a life you love to wake up to! A foundation of kindness and compassion.”

Design concept and offer based on oriental medicine. The Five Elements

The Experience

“COIN is a set of collectable tools that you acquire as you progress in the levels of self mastery. A step by step road map with audio, video, live webinars and seminars to give you the fastest route to the life you deserve! The self assessment is based in the principles of 5 phases. Each element is an archetype to illuminate the nuances of your personality. Using your predominant emotions and ways of being as an oracle into the rest of your life present past and future.”

Set of prototypes for testing and UI for COIN. Built with Sketch and Invision
With knowledge comes power. Power to redesign your life in the image of your highest self.
From this new foundation you have mastery over your stress and anxiety! A foundation free from prescription drugs! Quickly transforming negative thoughts and emotions into fuel for creativity.
Now you are a reservoir of kindness and compassion. It is you job to share that with random acts of kindness and generosity. Get deeper into the inner circle by sharing your good deed with the community…
Brand Identity

Enjoy the immersion!

Project developed during the summer bootcamp Ironhack by C A R M E N H, thanks for the advice and toolbox content to @justusverre.

UX and UI advices from teachers: Danny Saltaren, Alejandro Arribas, Samuel Hermoso, Aketza Gómez